NO BARGAINS BETWEEN LIONS & MEN. | "the people must see us be us; even when we are not." { a play in five acts* } *fanmix based upon nbc’s kings

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act one | rose

oo1.) swan lake: introduction, oo2.) valse oubliee in f sharp, oo3.) statecraft, oo4.) queen of hearts, oo5.) politics is theatre, oo6.) sleeping beauty: finale

interlude, rose/silas | election by adoration

act two | silas

oo1.) dream of babylon oo2.) ave maria oo3.) moonlight sonata, oo4.) lacrimosa, oo5.) waltz in a, oo6.) science and religion

interlude, silas/jack | only god forgives

act three | jack

oo1.) the sorcerer’s apprentice, oo2.) hungarian rhapsody, oo3.)  derezzed oo4.) death is only a door, oo5.) the firebird suite: lullaby, oo6.) the sick doll

interlude, jack/michelle | the twins

act four | michelle

oo1.) the firebird suite: the princesses’ round, oo2.) the nutcracker: waltz of the flowers, oo3.) sleeping beauty: dance scene, oo4.) swan lake: valse, oo5.) fantasia in c minor, oo6.) particles of the universe

interlude, michelle/david | the nutcracker: pas de deux

act five | david

oo1.) romeo & juliet: dance of the knights, oo2.) piano in an empty room, oo3.) god particle, oo4.) why do we fall?, oo5.) after the fall, oo6.) un sospiro
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