mike warren + emojis

my supervisor made me go home but my brain wants something to do but i’m also not with it enough to be productive so i’m couponing what’s up


The meta sequel to that dumb frank video that got popular

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wow this firefly haitus is really taking a while isnt it

i love being treated like an object instead of a person that’s never happened to me before

fiiyerotigelaar ha detto: idk ask someone from robot school which is for robots (i assume u went to robot school i assume all future feds go to robot school)

that used to be how it went but then hoover died and now if you go to robot school you have to finish in four years or the blade runners come, it scares everyone

fiiyerotigelaar replied to your post: i guess having a life and not enjoyin…

i thought that said ‘beep poop’ and i was like ‘robots don’t poop’

have u had a robot confirm this

i guess having a life and not enjoying being talked down to makes me a terrible person oh well

what does it matter if you insult me or act like things i enjoy are ridiculous or laughable or don’t matter to you i have no feelings unlike you i’m a robot beep boop